Fans Stunned As Mamta Retires From Acting At The Peak Of Her Career


Mamta Mohandas is an actor who is loved by Malayalees a lot. The actress has been able to win the favor of the audience by coming up with a difference in all the films she has acted in. The actress is still an active presence in the film industry, directly dealing with the health problems of cancer and vitiligo. Mamta’s optimism has not waned even though she has faced occasional challenges in her life. Live is the new movie by Mamta Mohandas. Produced by VKP, the film also stars Shine Tom Chacko, Priya Warrier, and Soubin Shahir in other lead roles. The plot of the movie is about how fake news affects a girl’s life. Now the actor is talking about the fake news that has affected him, yes, in an interview given to Mathrubhumi, some things are going viral.

Mamta stated that there was fake news about her from the beginning of her career. The film I did was given negative publicity and it affected me personally. A few things were revealed when it came time to share the illness with the public. But later it was spread by adding spices to it. Most recently, when the autoimmune problem came up, there were pictures of the hand and foot circulating on the internet claiming to be mine, but it wasn’t mine. People who see this think, Oh, this is how it is. Mamta openly said that sympathy messages have started coming from many people. Mamta also spoke about the false information spread about her in the Tamil film industry recently.

Mamta pointed out that people are spreading the word that she is sick and not working now. Mamta’s previous film was Mahesh and Maruthi. The film starring Asifali was a failure. Mamta recently opened up about her autoimmune skin condition vitiligo. Mamta said that this is why she decided to open up. Many people supported Mamta. Mamta has clarified that she is undergoing treatment and if it is confirmed that it is effective, she will share it with others.