Fan captures Shahrukh Khan’s entire family in a portrait – viral photo

Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan has mentioned several times in his interview that he lost his parents at an early age. Shahrukh Khan is deeply saddened that his parents could not see that his son Shah Rukh is the emperor of Bollywood today who rules over the hearts of millions of people. Shah Rukh Khan’s unfulfilled desire, his fan, has done a great effort by taking off in a frame. Recently, a fan page of Shahrukh Khan has shared a portrait of Shahrukh Khan’s entire family, which is becoming very viral on the Internet and social media users and Shah Rukh’s fans are also giving a lot of reactions. 

Fan captures Shahrukh Khan's entire family in a portrait

The portrait depicts Shahrukh Khan’s father Taj Mohammad Khan, who is wearing a gray suit and seated on the right in the photo. On the other hand, her mother is seen in black color saree and traditional jewelery. Shah Rukh and his elder son Aryan Khan are seen standing behind him, all twining in gray suits. Gauri Khan is seen in western dress, while her sister-in-law Shahnaz Lalarukh Khan is seen in the right red salwar-kameez. Suhana is also in a western dress in beige color and is seen standing near Aryan. Shah Rukh’s youngest child Abram is seen standing in a white shirt and brown pants with his grandfather’s hand on his knee. 

Shahrukh Khan was only 15 years old when he lost his father to cancer and when he was 26 years old, his mother passed away due to long illness. Sharing his ‘moment of hiccup’ with Rani Mukerji once, Shah Rukh said, “An empty house without parents used to run to cut us. My parents lost both loneliness, pain and Sadness may be enough to handle our lives completely. “

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