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Famous actor Yogibabu and Oviya will be seen together onscreen


Actor Yogibabu is good to go to play the lead job in the forthcoming film to be produced by Anka Media. Well-known entertainer Oviya has been roped in to play inverse Yogibabu in the new film. Directed by Swadee MS, Yogi Babu, and Oviya‘s new film has a fascinating title. The main look banner of the new film has been dispatched by a few famous Tamil stars on their separate Twitter handles and the film has been named as ‘Contractor Nesamani’- the name of Vadivelu’s well known humorous person from the 2001 Tamil film ‘Friends’.

‘Contractor Nesamani’ first look additionally clarifies that the film will be a hero sort of a film as it highlights two popular Hollywood superheroes on the banner. ‘Contractor Nesamani’ additionally has a disputable caption ‘Time To Lead’, which was before the caption for Vijay’s ‘Thalaivaa’, and later eliminated because of complaints.

‘Contractor Nesamani’ is good to go to launch with a muhurat puja today, and the assumptions for the film are getting expanded as it has a new pair in lead jobs.

Oviya in movie 90 ml

Oviya entered ‘Bigg Boss‘ season one and turned into the crowd’s top choice and the main armed force for a superstar was assembled via social media for her. Post the ‘Bigg Boss’ give Oviya didn’t indicate any film of note aside from the female-arranged grown-up satire ’90 ML’ which didn’t get along nicely in the cinema world. The Oviya Army is eager to see her back on screen and after one more long break, there is uplifting news for them.

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