Fake News About Aaradhya Bachchan’s Health Condition

Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya’s daughter Aaradhya’s family are in the High Court against the fake news. Legal action has been taken against fake news related to Aradhya’s health and life. The hearing of the case will be held on April 20. The family approached the Delhi High Court against a YouTube channel for spreading fake news about Aaradhya’s health. Aradhya wants to prevent such news from spreading about her as she is a minor. According to the petition, the sole motive of the accused is to profit illegally from the fame of the Bachchan family.

The Bachchan family alleged that by uploading such fake news against Aaradhya Bachchan, they violated her rights and tried to tarnish her goodwill and reputation. According to national media reports, the petition says that they have exploited not only Aaradhya’s name but also the name of the Bachchan family. In the past, trolls often fall prey to trolls. ‘This is completely unacceptable and I cannot tolerate it. It is true that I am a prominent person. But my daughter is out of that range. If you have something to say, look at my face and say it, Abhishek responded to this. Aradhya was born in November 2011. Aaradhya celebrated her eleventh birthday a few days back. On several occasions, Aaradhya appears in public with her mother. Its videos and pictures are gaining attention on social media. Recently, Aaradhya’s dance videos also went viral on social media.