Fahad Fazil come with 3 Heroines!

Akhil Sathyan’s latest film with Fahad Fazil will be played by three heroines. Fahadh’s latest movie is Malik by Mahesh Narayanan. The shooting of the Akhil Sathyan film starts after the coronation issues have settled down. Famous writer Viji is making her acting debut in the film. It is rumored that the film will be a different theme from Fahad’s other films.

The film will be based on Fahadh’s character’s journey from Mumbai to Kerala and then to Goa. The film is characterized by humor. Sharan Velayudhan will shoot the camera. Music will be performed by Justin Varghese. Akhil Sathyan will handle the script and the editing of the film in addition to the script. Sethu Mannarkkad is producing the movie under the banner of Full Moon Cinemas. More details of the film will be released by the film’s crew.

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