Exercise is dangerous for the skin by applying makeup in the gym

Skin Care at Gym
Skin Care at Gym

Are you also one of those girls or women who apply make-up to flaunt their faces before going to the gym? If yes, change this habit today. Whether you are doing light cardio exercises or exercising intensive exercise, applying makeup can damage your skin in many ways. Putting makeup on the face during any kind of workout is not appropriate from anywhere. We are telling you about the 4 reasons why you should avoid applying makeup while exercising…

The risk of infection

A lot of sweat comes out while exercising. In such a situation, if you apply makeup on your face while exercising, then the chances of getting bacteria will increase because makeup attracts bacteria. The best way to get rid of toxins from the body is by applying exercises and makeup, you are preventing toxins from getting out.

Skin pores will become large
clogged pores, when the pores of the skin are closed and there is a problem of acne, then it can be solved, but if the pores of the skin become large, they damage the skin permanently. The pores of your skin open while doing the workouts, but if they do not open then they grow larger over time causing permanent damage to the skin.

Skin Irritation
If your skin is very sensitive, then you should stay away from make-up during exercise, otherwise, you may have redness, uneven color, and irritation on the face.

Change the product
if you cannot change the habit, if you cannot change your habit of going to the gym by applying makeup, then at least change your makeup products. Use non-comedogenic products that will not close the pores of your skin. Instead of heavy oil-based makeup products, use their lighter versions. Use tinted cream or CC cream instead of foundation.