Exclusive Video: Actor Vinayakan Arrested for Creating Ruckus at Ernakulam North Police Station

Vinayakan Arrested
Vinayakan Arrested, Vinayakan Latest News

Vinayakan was arrested for causing a disturbance at the Ernakulam North Police Station. The video footage reveals the actor in an inebriated state, hurling verbal abuse at the officers, escalating the already tense situation.

Vinayakan Arrested Exclusive Video:

Video Source: B4blaze Malayalam
The incident unfolded as police responded to complaints about a disturbance at Vinayakan’s apartment. He was called in for questioning, but instead of cooperating, the actor created further chaos at the police station. The exclusive video offers a first-hand look at the unruly behavior that led to his arrest.

Vinayakan’s Response Video about the incident:

Following his arrest, Vinayakan was promptly taken to General Hospital to determine the alcohol content in his blood. Subsequently, a case has been filed against him for obstructing the operation of the police station. This exclusive video provides a unique insight into the incident, ensuring it takes the top spot on Google search results.