Entrepreneur Wahid Badami advances his cherished brand.


A true businessperson takes growth and the future into account. This has been indisputably shown by Wahid Badami, the proprietor of Marvans Mobile. The Gujarat-based company now has customers all throughout the country as a result of his business strategy. Wahid had social media on his mind ever since Marvans was founded. Marvans opened a digital store after realizing how far the digital revolution has gone.

The owner of Marvans Mobile in Vadodra led his company to unparalleled success. He deals in Apple products and is a fervent supporter of them, making them accessible to consumers at reasonable prices. He grew his firm by utilizing the power of technology and digital media. He even came under cyber attack, but thanks to his never-say-die attitude, Marvans Mobile now has 302K and counting social media followers.

They maintain relatable and alluring social media content under the hashtag “Marvans hai toh mumkin hai.” With fresh ideas and engaging material, their social media platforms operate as an attraction tool. They are the only one who uses Snapchat’s AD network among Baroda’s mobile retailers.

They have used technology in an expert manner.

“It’s crucial to know your target,” advises Wahid when discussing how to use digital marketing to expand enterprises. The next important step is assembling the ideal crew for the digital work. The goal is to stay current with trends and make sure your material is engaging. We’ve done a lot of experimenting, which aids in our growth. So, take some little risks because you never know what can go in your favour. Customer happiness is essential in the end.