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England vs West Indies: The first cricket match in the Corona crisis will start from today, there will be 10 rules!

England vs West Indies The first cricket match in the Corona crisis will start from today, there will be 10 rules!
England vs West Indies The first cricket match in the Corona crisis will start from today, there will be 10 rules!

Almost all events have been canceled due to the corona that has been plaguing the world. It also hit the cricket world. The first international match in the Corona crisis will finally be played from today. The England-West Indies Test series starts today. This is a matter of joy for cricket fans all over the world. After all, after a period of four months, fans will be able to experience live cricket.

ENG vs WI, 1st Test Cricket

A three-Test series between England and the West Indies will be played from today in the Corona crisis. The series is considered historic, as the West Indies players arrived in England for the series despite the Corona crisis. However, this match will not be the same as before. 10 major changes have been made to this match.

1. Empty stadium

Coronavirus is spread from person to person immediately. That is why this international match will be held without spectators. That means there will be no spectators at the stadium. This decision has been made with a view to preventing corona infection.

2. Sanitizer in place

Another big change is the placement of sanitizers in the stadium. Where players will sanitize their hands from time to time. Players are required to use a sanitizer.

ENG vs WI, 1st Test Test without an audience for the first time in 143 years of cricket history

3. Players will not come together and celebrate

In cricket matches, it is always seen that after the bowler takes the wicket, the players gather on the field. They clap and kiss each other. But this cannot be done now. Players are strictly forbidden to hug or come together. Players can touch each other’s elbows.

4. Audience sound and TV screen

Even if the match is without spectators, there will be fake cruise noids on the field to cheer the players on. Apart from this, a big screen will be installed in the ground. This allows you to enjoy the live view.

5. No spit on the ball

The biggest change in cricket is that the bowler can no longer spit to shine the ball. If players do so, they will be warned. Players will also have to pay a penalty if this happens continuously. Players can use their sweat to shine the ball.

6. Corona Substitute

ICC rules were changed in the 2019 World Cup. In this case, if any player gets injured during the match, another player can play the match in his place. But now Corona has changed the rules a bit. If a player shows any symptoms, another player will replace him immediately.

ENG vs WI, 1st Test

7. ICC warning

There will be no spectator voice on the field, but stump mics. This allows players to hear the umpires. Continuous warnings will be issued on behalf of the ICC. It will tell players not to use offensive language.

8. Sanitized environment

The first match in the Corona crisis will not only make history but also take care of the players. The whole atmosphere will be sanitized before the match starts. Also, players will only be allowed to travel from the hotel to the stadium.

9. Local Punch

All the umpires in this match will be local umpires. Because calling umpires from other countries can be dangerous. Therefore, this decision has been taken on behalf of the ICC.

10. The logo will be on the front of the t-shirt

At the ICC World Test Championships, the ICC allowed players to print their names on the backs of T-shirts. But next year the name, number, and logo will be on the front side of the white jersey.

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