England should not interfere in our sovereignty; Siddharth Mocked Sachin Tendulkar

With a cheeky tweet on India-England 1st Test, actor Siddharth took a dig at Indian celebrities who questioned celebs from abroad who have shared their views on ongoing farmers’ protests in India.

Actor Siddharth has slammed cricketer Sachin Tendulkar for criticizing international players who supported him in the farmers’ agitation. Siddharth tweeted that Tendulkar’s tweet was likened to a cricket match with the hashtags ‘India United’ and ‘India Against England’. Siddharth tweeted that India is a great country and that India knows how to bat and bowl on its own and that England should not interfere in our sovereignty.

‘India is a great country. England wants to play against India. But we will not allow anyone to interfere with our sovereignty. India knows how to bat and bowl on its own. A good result is expected in five days. We will play with 11 players, ”said Siddharth. Sachin Tendulkar tweeted with the hashtags India Together and India Against Propaganda that India is united and outsiders are just spectators.