Elephant Death: Forest officers have information on two culprits

ആന കഴിച്ച പൈനാപ്പിളില്‍ പടക്കം വച്ചത് രണ്ട് പേര്‍

Chief Conservator of Forests (CCF) Pramod Kumar says that the culprits have been alerted to the tragic incident of pregnant piglets bursting with pineapples when they came to the area for food in Kerala.The investigation is focused on two people.

Following a complaint by the forest department, the police have registered a case and launched an investigation. The locals allege that the elephant had come to the Ambalappara area from Palakkad from the Karuvarakund region of Malappuram. Investigations are also underway into the pineapple plantations. In the event that the incident has attracted international attention, the authorities are planning to take drastic measures.

Union Minister for Environment Prakash Javadekar said the government would investigate the incident. The minister said the matter was taken very seriously and a detailed investigation would be conducted to identify the culprits. Killing animals with crackers is not in keeping with Indian culture, he said.

Forest officers have information on two culprits
Forest officers have information on two culprits

There is strong outcry and anger in the media about the incident. Some have tweeted that the literacy rate is not a reflection of education. The tweet was accompanied by a picture of Ammayana in her abdomen. We believed you The film’s caption also says you cheated.

An elephant at Silent Valley National Park has fallen into a state of burns after trying to eat crackers. The elephant that was in the water was in the same spot as the trunk and tongue were severely burned. The elephant came to the village seeking food from the Silent Valley.Here, the pineapple elephant, which was full of crackers, was eating. The elephant was severely burned with crackers inside his mouth. Elephants wandered about the village for several days in great pain.

Officials believe the elephant cracked in the last week of April or early May. Mannarkad Range Officer Aashiq Ali said that the incident may have taken place at least 20 days before the elephant’s health had deteriorated due to lack of food.Forest officials know of the elephant on May 25th. Within two days, the elephant died. Surendran and Neelakanta brought saffron to the shore. But this too did not yield results. The elephant died on the 27th at 4 pm.