Elena’s acting, crying drama for Regina! Incredible Moments in Bigg Boss

Rejith Kumar, Somdas, Alina padikkal, Rajini Chandy, Alexandra and Sujo Mathew were among the nominees for the week. It was evaluated by the contestants after the nomination process. Regnettan and Somu were expected to be in the nomination. But Suzo says she can’t believe Sandra’s name and Elena’s Meanwhile, Bigg Boss had announced something very important. In the morning, the wake-up song box is damaged. It will take a week to repair it. So this work is assigned to Somadas. Everybody should wake up in the morning singing somdas. Big Boss said if Somadas did not do this, he would lose a hundred luxury points.

Later, Rajini Chandy and Parikutty clashed with Captain Saju Navodaya, who tried to solve the problem. Rajini explained what happened that day. Rajini later apologized to Parikutty. Fukru took Rizat, who tried to interfere, to exacerbate the problem. During the conversation, Rajini was seen crying. Rajini cried, saying that she should sit here and go home. With this, all the contestants came to comfort. In the meantime Elena and Weeping had come to Veena. Elena was crying along with Rajni saying she had told each of them without looking at Rajni’s age. Fukru and Reshma talked about Elena that night. Reshma said she thought it was her acting.