Edavela Babu tells about Shane Nigam

Edavela Babu is a well-known actor in the Malayalam film industry. He has been leading AMMA for many years. It was Edavela Babu who was at the forefront of resolving all the controversies in Malayalam cinema in the recent past. Even when there was criticism from outside against the organization, he was handling it well and moving forward. One of the notable interventions made by Edavela Babu recently was the initiative to lift the ban imposed on actor Shane Nigam by the Producers Association. Babu is now talking about it. The actor opened up about the same in an exclusive interview with a Malayalam news channel.

The closeness to Shane is the closeness to Abhi. It’s close to family. Shane Nigam is a very misunderstood boy. The reason for Shane’s problems is one thing that the new generation lacks, experiences. The problem is lack of experience. “If we have a lot of experiences in life and opportunities to know the pain of others, whatever we are going through, we will think for a minute,” “We will have a lot of problems on the set and when we react to it, we can avoid it if we think about how much it will hurt people” . In Shane’s case, he may not be thinking in his mind about coming out. Shane comes to AMMA in the midst of many problems. The next problem was solved. Everyone was against Shane, “he said.

Then Baburaj told me, why waste a boy’s future. So an organization was taken over in a way that no one else in the world did. I said i am take care of everything for six months. But they said it would take a year. But when we gave exactly one guideline right ,Shane’s problem was that there was no such guideline. He is a good boy, and an actor I have a lot of expectations from. I am getting calls from other languages asking for Shane’s date. I got to know when Shane’s topic came out. I am involved in many such things, “he said. Edavela Babu added that he has joined hands with the producers for the sake of others and that is why no one from that organization calls him to the film. In the interview, Edavela Babu said that Srinath Bhasi did not get the support that Shane got because he was not a member of the association. I have told Srinath many times about taking membership. But he’s very humble. The main problem is lack of experience, “he said.