50 lakh insurance scheme for health workers working in the corona defense sector. Insurance for three months.

Prime Minister Garib Kalyan will distribute five kilograms of rice or wheat free to 80 crore poor people under the Annihilation Project. It comprises two-thirds of the population. This is in addition to the five kilos currently being supplied. You can choose whatever you want from five kg of rice or wheat. It will be available for the next three months.

In addition, five kilos of grain will be provided free of charge. Considering local conditions, 1kg of corn will be allotted, he said.

The Finance Minister said that 20 lakhs of loans would be given to women’s self help groups, which would benefit 63 lakh self-help groups and 7 crore beneficiaries.

An amount of 2,000 2,000 will be provided as emergency aid to 8.69 crore farmers. It will be available in the first week of April. Wages have been increased. Widows will be given Rs.