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Easy and tasty homemade Bread Halwa recipe – Video

Crapshit snacks for everyone to like. Homemade Bread Halwa can be prepared at home.


-6 peas, bread
, milk -1/2 liter of
sugar -3/4 cup of
ghee -5-6rrebil teaspoon of
cardamom powder -1/4 rrispun
kismis / nuts nuts – a few

How to Prepare the Halva

Bake the bread into a mixer. Pour the milk into the oven and heat it. When the milk is slightly boiled, add the sugar and mix.

When the sugar is dissolved add the bread crumbs and mix. Add the remaining ghee and cardamom powder and mix well. When the boil comes out of the side of the vessel, the fire can be turned off. Basically, the preparation of bread halwa is similar to the way most halwa is made. The taste of bread halwa is like that of bread pudding. Thus it tastes good. Making bread halwa is easy but some hand stirring is required.

If you are health conscious, simply toast the bread on a toaster, without using the refined oil. 2. You can fry the halwa a bit by adding a little ghee, till it is slightly browned. It gives it an earthly taste.


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