Dust Chemical Company Explosion; Seven people died

Dust Chemical Company Explosion
Dust Chemical Company Explosion

The explosion occurred at a chemical company near Shirpur on Saturday morning.

The incident took place in Dhule on Saturday morning. Seven people have been killed in the blast. Meanwhile, four fire extinguishers have arrived at the scene.

An explosion occurred at a chemical company near Shirpur in Dhule Saturday morning. It has been reported that seven people died. Also, the surrounding area was shaken by the explosion and fear was spread among the citizens. The fire is still burning and flames are spreading in the area. Meanwhile, some people are also reportedly trapped in the area.

Fire brigade is trying to extinguish the fire, and the death toll is expected to rise. Meanwhile, details of what caused the blast have not yet been revealed. The severity of the explosion was so high that it was reported that nearby houses were also devastated. Meanwhile, fear has spread among the people. Seven people were killed and 40 were injured in the incident. All the machines were called to the scene immediately, said Dadaji Bhuse, the district’s guardian minister.