Durgesh Agarwal – Preparing Today’s Youth for Tomorrow’s World

Durgesh Agarwal DA Group
Durgesh Agarwal DA Group

In a world of rapid changes, young people need the right mix of skills to thrive. Access to information is increasing, and memorizing facts is less important today than in the past. Although academic skills remain important, they are not sufficient to foster thoughtful, productive, and engaged citizens. Young people everywhere need to develop a greater breadth of skills to evaluate and apply knowledge in ways that meet the new demands of our changing social and economic landscape.

Skills like communication, teamwork, critical thinking and flexibility have always been important for work and life. But they will be even more crucial for future generations with rapid advances in technology that are transforming the world of work.

However with complex global challenges such as climate change and health epidemics call for leaders and citizens who are able to collaborate with diverse groups to solve problems and with country becoming a globalized one, it is imperative that we train our youth with adequate life skills to equip them to face the challenges of the current scenario.

Mr. Durgesh Agarwal’s vision is to transform youth into active citizens and nation builders, to help them change the world into a peaceful, equitable and a sustainable one by providing a volunteering platform and an ecosystem that can help the youth lead social change and contribute for nation-building.

DA Group believes that change starts with each one of us, and change can be achieved once everyone makes sure that the Youth and Children are:

Engaged in regular social action programmes, inspiring them to contribute to the society.

Given leadership opportunities for social transformation.

Offered a space to interact with eminent leaders. Thus, giving them an opportunity to develop their skills while contributing to the development of the society & creating true leaders for tomorrow.

“Reinforcing global competence is vital for individuals to thrive in a rapidly changing world and for societies to progress without leaving anyone behind.The development of social and emotional skills, as well as values like respect, self-confidence and a sense of belonging, are of the utmost importance to create opportunities for all with a shared respect for human dignity.”- Durgesh Agarwal

In order to foster global competence for more inclusive societies, DA Group through its Initiatives provides the missing pieces of the Globalization puzzle.

Recognizing that access to formal education is just the beginning, DA Group has designed integral programs to engage young people, providing opportunities to develop leadership and life skills and has created spaces for them to engage with each other and their communities through education, arts and sports.

The programs offered by DA Group, prepare youth to be solution-oriented, agile and mentally equipped to handle real-life situations or be able to operate, even, in an unfamiliar environment.

The Founder and the following Generations have been instrumental in setting up pioneering institutions- Shree Shakti Seva Kendra (SSSK) and Maarg Foundation for sustaining and improving Educational, Social, Cultural and Religious conditions of marginalized groups in-order to break the vicious circle of poverty and build a pathway for a better tomorrow.

Today, SSSK is setting up a State of art Sports Centre along with a Training Centre for Women Empowerment with a belief that if a women are empowered , they can uplift the family Socially and Financially.

As an Entrepreneur and a member on various committees of Colleges and Universities, Mr. Durgesh Agarwal has been promoting and empowering various youth centric programs and has IP’S like Youth Parliament, Ahmedabad Design Week and Auto De Glam.

DA Group, Through its integrated Child care Initiative which is DURGESH CHILD CARE INITIATIVE comprising Little Wings and Toy Joy Tales, intents to Provide and support an environment where children are safe, nurtured and respected.

With youth being the builders of India’s future, youth engagement is linked with positive outcomes for young people, adults, agencies and communities be it education, employment, entrepreneurship or sports. DA Group and Mr. Durgesh Agarwal through their initiatives have been empowering youth and strengthening the biggest ambassadors of the country’s talent and potential by shaping an ecosystem to achieve their true potential.

“Our youth should get the best education, the best opportunities and expansive global exposure in-order to be the force multiplier in fulfilling the vision of New India. ”-Durgesh Agarwal

With several interesting preposition in pipeline, by 2023 DA Group would Diversify into Medical, Agriculture and Print Media along with Strategic and Knowledge Partners.

Visit https://dagroupindia.com/ for more information.
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