DU Cut Off 2020: Over 65 Percent Admission In DU

DU Admission 2020

More than 65 percent of admissions took place on the second day of the second cutoff at Delhi University. DU has a total of 70 thousand graduates, but by 7 pm on Tuesday evening, a total of 46579 students had enrolled in various colleges of DU. According to the information received from DU, students from many colleges have also withdrawn admission on the first and second day of the second cutoff with admission and there have been cases of over-admission in many places. Today is the last date to apply for admission under the second cutoff in DU. However, students whose admission has been approved can submit the fee till 23 October. 

This is the first time that 50 percent of admission was completed in the first cutoff in DU. DU’s admission was slower than the first cutoff in the second cutoff. According to the information received from DU, 4882 students have applied on the second day of the second cutoff. 6024 applications have been approved and 8422 students have paid the fees. 

– Number game
total admissions in the first cutoff  35655 Admissions
on the first day of
second cutoff – 2602 Admissions on the second day of the second cutoff – 8422

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When the admission is not taken then why pay 1 thousand to
withdraw the admission, DU has made a rule to pay a fee of one thousand rupees for withdrawing admission in the second cutoff. For students who have taken admission by paying fees, if they want to leave their college and join another college, then a fee of Rs. 1000 has been imposed for them. But DU’s admission branch has also put the students in trouble whose admission was approved but they did not enroll by paying fees. In such a situation, when he is going to enroll in another college under the second cutoff, then a fee of one thousand rupees is being charged from him. Because of which there is resentment among them. Students say that when we have not paid admission by paying fees, then why are we being charged one thousand rupees for admission in the second cutoff. 

Many colleges have been matched in this regard. Principals have different opinions about this decision of DU but colleges are bound to follow the rules made by DU. 

In this regard, a member associated with DU says that it takes college students to check the student’s certificate and do other things. It is irresponsible if the student does not take admission even if the admission is approved, so it is a fee.

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