Don’t you play with your skin like this

Skin Protection Tips
Skin Protection Tips

Skin and hair require special care in winter. This is how you try different beauty products and home remedies. But somewhere in all of these, you are not making any mistake which can make your skin worse. Let us tell you what not to do with the skin.

After several experiments, when you find a product that suits your skin, you just use it. Let me tell you that your skin changes with age. Your product makes your skin immune and reduces its effect. Keep in mind that you also change your beauty products according to the season.

There will be many problems in your life. But every problem is overcome by finding solutions and not by increasing stress. Stress is not only bad for your mental health but also bad for your physical health and skin. Stress releases cortisol. This affects other hormones and causes a variety of skin problems.

We understand that sometimes you are late in returning home and you go straight to sleep due to fatigue. But due to this laziness, you may have to repent in the morning. Due to applying makeup overnight, the pores of the skin get filled, which can cause acne.

Many people will recommend you to use a facial oil. Let me tell you that if you get pimples on your skin, again and again, fossil oil can prove to be worse for your skin. Washing face is good to keep away dust and pollution. But repeated face wash has its disadvantages. Repeated mouth wash removes the essential oils and makes them accessible oil in the skin.

A hot bath may make you feel relaxable, but spending too much time in hot water can damage your skin. This makes the skin dry and the necessary proteins from the skin are also eliminated.