Do you wear makeup while working out? Rimi Tommy’s funny reply to her fan

Rimi Tommy is Malayalees evertime energetic and entertaining singer. The actress, who has captured the attention of the audience as an actress and presenter, has a lot of fans. Pictures and videos of Rimi doing an incredible makeover after working out have gone viral on social media. Rimi talks about her workout and makeover through the star’s YouTube channel. Now, a comment following the latest film and Rimi’s response to it is noteworthy.
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Rimi shared a picture of herself in a workout outfit. Immediately someone asks, ‘Do you put on makeup while you work out?’ Came up with the comment. But Rimi gave a scathing reply to the critic. Rimi says this is a picture taken on the B612 app. ‘Take this question lightly. Even if I put on more makeup, it’s not on my face, brother. Rimi’s reply was, “I forced it on your face.”