Do not forget to use these makeup products during pregnancy

Do not forget to use these makeup products during pregnancy
Do not forget to use these makeup products during pregnancy

Make-up is necessary to look beautiful but some precautions need to be taken while doing makeup during pregnancy. Many such things are used in making beauty products, which can cause harm to your baby’s tummy by going inside your skin. According to research, women who use too much makeup during pregnancy are prone to premature delivery. Apart from this, the weight and size of the baby are also affected. So we are telling you about beauty products that should not be used during pregnancy.

Do not reduce or use more fragrant products such as dio, perfume, room freshener, etc. during pregnancy. Harmful chemicals are used in most dio, which can enter into the skin and harm you or your baby. This can cause disturbances in the baby’s hormones.

Pregnant women should avoid applying lipstick, as it will be better for both mother and toddler. Lipstick contains lead, which goes inside the body during food and drink. Lead in the body can obstruct the development of the fetus or cause many problems in it.

Usually, women do not go out without applying sunscreen but use it during pregnancy. Most sunscreens contain either ruminal palmitate or vitamin palmitate. These elements react to the skin when exposed to sunlight. Prolonged use also causes cancer, so before using sunscreen during pregnancy, check that both these elements are not present in the sunscreen you are going to use.

Hair remover cream contains thioglycolic acid, which may prove harmful during pregnancy. During this time, there are many hormonal changes in the body, due to which the use of chemical-containing hair removal creams can cause allergies in the skin and harm to the child. Therefore, do not use it keeping in mind the safety of yourself and the child.

If you use any fairness cream, avoid using it during pregnancy, as its use can be dangerous for both you and the child. These creams contain a chemical called hydroquinone which can have a bad effect on your baby before birth, so do not use whitening creams during pregnancy.

Tattoos are quite trendy among young boys and girls nowadays. Do not get the tattoo done at the time of pregnancy or planning it, otherwise, it can be dangerous for you because the tattoo can sometimes cause infection. Chemicals used in making tattoos are also not considered safe for the skin. Avoid getting tattooed during pregnancy.