Divya Unni Sharing Her Experiences Of Acting With Mohanlal

Ustad is a super hit movie directed by Shaji Kailas. Actress Divya Unni played the role of Mohanlal’s sister in the film. Divya shares her experiences of acting with Mohanlal in Ustad. Divya Unni said that Ustad was a film where many actors who were lost to Malayalam came together and she felt the location of that film was like a workshop. In an interview with Mirchi Malayalam, Divya Unni said that while acting with Mohanlal, you don’t have to do anything special and everything else happens when he does.

If they say to act with Laleton, we all just give up. Working with actors like them is really like going to a workshop. Not only Lalettan but there were also many best artists of Malayalam in that movie. In that movie, there is Chitra Chechioka. Narendra Prasad Sir, N.F. Many people acted in that movie, starting with Uncle. When I say Ustad, I remember many such people. Many of them are no longer with us.

A lot of people have said that my chemistry with Laleton was great in the movie Ustad. We really have no part in that chemistry. As soon as Laletan comes in front of the camera, all that happens naturally. But we need not suffer anymore. The experience of working with Laleton was very different, said Divya Unni.