Discrimination Against Muslim Women Only, Shukur Responds To Nikhila Vimal’s Remarks

Actress Nikhila Vimal’s comments about Muslim marriages in Kannur got a lot of attention. Nikhila said that in Muslim weddings, women eat in the kitchen. Now actor and advocate Shukur has come up with a response in this regard. Is this discrimination not only against Muslim women? Non-Muslim women are admitted to the marriage in advance, along with male kesarisIf you look at wedding albums, you will find many scenes of non-Muslim women eating together at the same table. He asked when gender discrimination will be removed from the wedding hall.

Shukur is a person who gained the attention of the audience with the film Nna Than Kes Kod. It was big news that Shukur and Kannur University Law Department Head Sheena remarried. The marriage took place under the Special Marriage Act. The couple got married on the 28th year of marriage with their daughters as witnesses on International Women’s Day.