Discover The Hidden Power Of Mohanlal Mustache The Reason Behind His Dominance Unveiled


Yesterday was the general meeting of Amma, the actors’ association of Malayalam. Actor VK Sriraman has written an interesting letter to Mohanlal in the context of the meeting. Mohanlal also sent a reply to Shri Ram with the same trick. Mohanlal’s interesting reply was that the discussion on the topic of the ‘effect of hair on actors’ can be held under the leadership of Aroma Mohan.

Note by VK Sriraman

Gemini is eleven today.
It is Monday.
Yesterday, Alla Minin came to Kochi.
It was a general meeting of the actors.
There are many male and female actors.
I have been noticing something for a while now. All the small males and perimeters walk around with a bamboo-like beard. All the molars are covered so that no one who sees them can be recognized.
What would be the reason for these people to evolve into Socrates or Tolstoy?
Is it a sign of developing intellectual theoretical philosophical fields? A letter was given to the association leaders as
they could not get any idea.

The point of the letter was whether we could present a paper on the topic of ‘Hair’s effect on the star’ and discuss it and distribute the essential oil.
The sting came immediately.
Finally, it was decided that the discussion on the topic of ‘Hair’s influence on stars’ will be held under the leadership of Aroma Mohan.
Be that as it may, dear.