Director Vijit Nambiar says that Molly wood film industry is about to be ruined immediately


Vijith Nambiar is the director of the Malayalam film Munthiri Monchan. He has come forward to criticize the lack of theater in Malayalam films due to the release of foreign language films. He criticized the absence of super stars in crisis and the lack of theater in small Malayalam films.

came together in a time of four to five films for Onam, Vishu, the time for Christmas. It was a celebration for us. You will see almost all of these films. Ten to fifteen movies are released every week. It will be a remake of Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi and English. Due to this the theater of Malayalam movies other than the big stars has come down. A new movie that played four shows in one theater has now become four separate films. Which movie should people watch? Social media and fans said every movie was a spectacular review. Most movies would be a disaster if they heard this and went to the theater. But the lesser-known small films do not get the support of the theater, and the theater-goers turn away the people who come to see them. When the Flood and the Disease …

vijith nambiar