Director Anil Sharma Spills The Beans On Never Working With Shah Rukh Khan Movie Jawan 

In a recent turn of events that has left Bollywood buzzing, Anil Sharma, the acclaimed director of the upcoming blockbuster ‘Gadar 2,’ has spoken out about Shah Rukh Khan’s new trailer for ‘Jawan.’ More intriguingly, he delves into why he has never had the opportunity to collaborate with SRK. Shah Rukh Khan’s latest trailer for ‘Jawan’ has been making waves across social media platforms, garnering millions of views within hours of its release. When asked about his thoughts on the trailer, Anil Sharma was all praises. He admired the craftsmanship and the storytelling prowess displayed in the short clip but also expressed a tinge of regret.

Anil Sharma revealed that despite his long-standing career in Bollywood, he has never had the chance to work with Shah Rukh Khan. “It’s not that we’ve avoided each other; it’s just that the right project never came along,” said Sharma. This revelation has left fans wondering what a collaboration between these two giants of the Indian film industry would look like.Shah Rukh Khan and Anil Sharma are both titans in their respective fields. SRK is known for his versatile acting skills, while Sharma has a knack for storytelling that resonates with the masses. A collaboration between the two could potentially be a cinematic masterpiece, a thought that has left fans and critics alike in a state of hopeful anticipation.

While Anil Sharma is currently focused on the release of ‘Gadar 2,’ he did not rule out the possibility of a future collaboration with Shah Rukh Khan. “Who knows what the future holds,” he said, leaving the door open for what could be a dream project for Bollywood enthusiasts.