Dileep gets anticipatory bail in the conspiracy case

M-town actor Dileep and the other charged in the conspiracy case visited the Chithranjali studio here on Tuesday to give the sound recordings regarding the conspiracy case. The sound recordings will be cross-checked with the audio clips given by director Balachandra Kumar.

P Balachandra Kumar
P Balachandra Kumar

Interim, the high court will be hearing a petition filed by Dileep to quash the FIR in the case. Dileep, Anoop, and Suraj showed up at Chithranjali’s studio at around 11 pm to give audio recordings. Suraj’s sound recordings were collected first. Sound recordings are gathered in light of Balachandra Kumar‘s statement given to the court guaranteeing that the actor was engaged with contriving to kill the investigating officials. Further, the examples will be taken to the Forensic Lab in Thiruvananthapuram.
Dileep has not said that it isn’t his voice. All things being equal, Dileep let the court know that they were simply curses and don’t add up to the conspiracy. The court, while considering the expectant bail appeal, noticed that there was insufficient proof to demonstrate the conspiracy case. Dileep has additionally filed an appeal in the high court seeking cancellation of any further probe into the actress attack case.Dileep

The court granted anticipatory bail to Dileep and four other accused with conditions. Each of them has been asked to execute separate bonds for sums of Rs 1,00,000 each with two solvent sureties each for the like sum to the satisfaction of the jurisdictional court. They must co-operate with the investigation and make themselves available for interrogation whenever required.