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Dileep Due To Quit Film For 10 Years: Vinayan says he returned from a legal battle

Director Vinayan says actor Dileep was the reason behind his release from Malayalam cinema for 10 years. When he was under the leadership of Macta and refused to make an advance of Rs 40 lakh, he refused to act in a director’s film. Actor Dilip said he would be kicked out of the Malayalam film industry. “It was a continuation of the ban against him,” he said. Vinayan was speaking at the reception of Prem Nazir Chalachithra Ratnam Award organized by Prem Nazir Cultural Committee and Aerosis College, Kannur.

It was only after the legal battle that won a favorable verdict that the filmmakers broke the ban and re-filmed it. It’s been 10 years since then. Awards are never considered. Vinayan said they were wondering why the award should be considered for the caller. Cinema is the domain of those who see the day as Apa. The filmmakers have even forbade the giving of Jayasurya’s film during Oumappenninu Uriyada Payyan. Some were afraid that the newcomers would lose their chance to come. Vinayan said that no one deserves to walk behind Nasir for human love and humility.

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