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Dileep and Kavya Madhavan breaks all the records in Malayalam Film Industry!

Jayaram and Parvathy are hitched couples in the wake of a difficult day of affection. Parvathy was the champion of Jayaram’s presentation film. The fortunate couple at that point proceeded to star in a few movies again and were successful. They came two by two in around 15 films. They were drawing nearer to the area of these photos and afterward getting married. This was the most noteworthy number of stars couple in a film together.

Dileep and Kavy breaks Jayaram and Parvathy record
Dileep and Kavy breaks Jayaram and Parvathy record

But years later this record has been reversed. After marrying DileepKavya in 2016, Dileep and Kavya have set a record of being the biggest couple in the movie leading together. They acted together in about 20 films. Kavya Madhavan’s first film as a heroine was Chandranudhikkunna Dhikkil, Dileep was the hero. Both couples are now leading a model marriage.

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