Dileep Actress Sexual Assault Case Update


The Supreme Court rejected the petition of the survivor to change the trial court of the actress assault case. The Supreme Court pointed out that setting aside the judgment of the High Court and changing the trial court would create a wrong precedent. The Supreme Court asked Athijeetha’s lawyers whether there was any evidence that the trial court judge was directly or indirectly in touch with Dileep. Dileep has alleged in the Supreme Court that there have been many attempts to obstruct the trial of the case.

Senior lawyer R. appearing for Atijiweeta said that the request to change the trial court is due to the concern that a fair trial will not be conducted in the case. Basant pointed out. Two public prosecutors have already withdrawn from the case. As part of a further investigation related to the case, the investigating officers received a voice message from a lawyer from Dileep’s phone. The lawyer also pointed out that there was a reference to the trial court judge’s husband’s death in custody.

But the Supreme Court inquired as to what the trial court judge had erred. Justice Ajay Rastogi asked whether there was any evidence that the trial court judge was directly or indirectly in touch with Dileep. The court also inquired if there was any evidence that the accused including Dileep were in contact with the judge. The Supreme Court also stated that it is up to the High Court and the administration of the High Court to know whether the trial court or the judge has made a mistake. The Supreme Court also pointed out that it would be a wrong practice to interfere with the High Court’s.

Senior Advocate R. Basant, K. Rajeev were also present. Senior advocate Mukul Rothagi appeared for Dileep and Standing Consul Nishe Rajan Shankar appeared for the state government.

The Supreme Court has expressed its concern over false accusations being made against the trial court judges of the country who hear criminal cases. Therefore, the court verbally observed that many trial court judges are not interested in hearing criminal cases. Various allegations are leveled in the court verandahs against the judges who dispose of the bail pleas. Supreme Court and High Court judges can probably tolerate this. But the Supreme Court pointed out that the case of trial court judges is different.

Ernakulam Principal Sessions Judge Honey M. to complete the trial in the actress assault case. Even today, the Supreme Court expressed satisfaction with Varghese’s efforts.