Dhanush’Captain Miller’ Teaser Promises To Take Action And Excitement To The Next Level

Dhanush starrer ‘Captain Miller’ is eagerly awaited by fans. ‘Captain Miller’ is a film directed by Arun Matheswaran. Arun Matheswaran himself is writing the screenplay of the film. A new update of Dhanush’s ‘Captain Miller’ is out.It has now been announced that Dhanush will release the teaser of the film in July. Arun Matheswaran had earlier clarified that ‘Captain Miller’ was not shot in the Kalakkad Mundathurai Tiger Reserve. Arun clarified that it was shot at a private person’s place and permission was taken. 

Environmental activists have come out against the shooting of the film in such a way as to cause problems for wild animals. Local residents have expressed concern about high-beam lights affecting wildlife.The director’s response was that the filming is progressing as expected and the production team has discussed the issues pointed out by the environmentalists with the authorities. The director has not released the information about where Dhanush will shoot the film.