Demand for distribution of free mask and sanitise in Rajya Sabha on Corona virus, Chairman gave this advice!


In view of the rapid spread of Coronavirus in the country, the demand for free distribution of masks and hand sanitizers was raised by a member in Rajya Sabha. On this, Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu appealed to avoid creating an atmosphere of terror. 

During the Zero Hour in the House, Left leader Binoy Wiswam raised the issue of black marketing of masks and hand sanitizers due to the rapid spread of Coronavirus in the country, saying that there is a need not only to increase production but also to distribute them free of cost to the government. needed. He said that the price of 10 rupees mask has reached 50 rupees. In such a situation, its black marketing should be banned and the availability of hand sanitizer should also be increased. 

At this, Vice President Naidu said that there is no need to panic with coronavirus. Indian culture and environment are capable of fighting this virus. There is a need to bring awareness among people about this.