Deepika Padukone asks TikTok influencer to reproduce Chhapaak ‘look’, welcomes web based life fury

In a 39-second video that circulated around the web via web-based networking media on Saturday, Deepika is seen asking make-up artiste Faby to reproduce her “three most loved looks” from her movies.

Faby reproduces the entertainer’s looks from her 2007 introduction Om Shanti Om and 2015’s Piku.

In any case, her endeavor at reproducing the on-screen character’s ‘look’ from Chhapaak, in which Deepika plays Malti, a corrosive assault survivor, was reprimanded via web-based networking media.

Coordinated by Meghna Gulzar, the film depends on the life of corrosive assault survivor-lobbyist Laxmi Agarwal and discharged on January 10.

Many got out the on-screen character for trivializing the injury of a corrosive assault survivor by ordering the part as a simple ‘look’ and even scrutinized her expectation behind taking up the part.

“I’m dismayed at Deepika Padukone’s Tiktok challenge on the ‘Chhapaak’ corrosive survivor ‘look’. It resembles making a motion picture on the Holocaust and inking numbers on your hand as advancement,” a client composed on Twitter.


Another stated, “This is extremely ill bred to corrosive assault exploited people, @deepikapadukone. How disgustingly low would you say you are going to go as far as advance yourself?”

A tweeple marked the video “net”.

“Furthermore, exactly when we believed that @deepikapadukone couldn’t deride Lakshmi any longer through her PR stunts in JNU she thinks of tick tok challenge on corrosive assault unfortunate casualties. Net,” another composed on the microblogging website.

“So ‘Corrosive Attacked Face’ has now become a test now. This is the most exceedingly terrible sort of an advancement by @deepikapadukone. Disgrace on you.”

Another client said that the entertainer, who has been vocal about emotional wellness issues, ought to have been progressively cautious.

“Deepika’s Tiktok video is uncouth and harsh. She is a casualty of psychological instability, anticipated better from her. I will always be unable to appreciate and regard her once more,” the individual said.

“I’d kept quiet about ‘thought processes’ when Deepika appeared at JNU in light of the fact that it helped give the reason some exposure yet the TikTok video shows what Bollywood stars truly are. There is no ethical compass or political belief system. They pause and react to things in a determined manner,” a client composed.

One individual posted, “The issue with Deepika Padukone supporting a cosmetics challenge on Chhapak is that she regarded it as one of her ‘looks’ and rejected the whole injury behind it. She demonstrated that it was only cosmetics for her and she obviously doesn’t comprehend the profundity of what survivors experience. (sic)”

“Supporting understudies was a mix-up or not, I don’t have a clue… yet this TikTok video is a serious mix-up on Deepika’s part. #Chaapak isn’t just about a look of Malti… ” read the post.

“Whenever you’re feeling awful about any imbecilic thing you did, simply recall that Deepika Padukone made the ‘corrosive consumed face’ as a ‘look’ on TikTok to push her motion picture. It’ll cause you to feel better,” read a post.

Another Twitter client stated, “OMG! I have no words, so day’s end it was all only a cosmetics for her. Nauseating and miserable… magnificence without cerebrums. Can’t help. These famous people will never comprehend. Counterfeit individuals.”

Be that as it may, not every person was incredulous of Deepika and a client said the on-screen character is attempting to make corrosive assault survivors a piece of the general public.

“Deepika normalizing corrosive scars with Malti’s look being reproduced. Social consideration for corrosive assault survivors is significant and the TikTok recordings are an extraordinary way,” the client composed.