Dastan-e-Halaat, Ability to become a professor, weaving chairs!

Ability to become a professor, weaving chairs
Ability to become a professor, weaving chairs

Dastan-e-Halaat: He is an MA in Political Science from BHU. Qualified NET in the year 2019 and JRF in the next year. He has acquired the qualification to become a professor, yet is compelled to make a living by weaving chairs of the old era.

The name of the person going through this condition is Ravi Kumar. Even after being born, Ravi has not lost his courage. He has given an interview for PhD on April 12, but till now the result has not come. Ravi’s father Phoolchand, resident of Hajipur village of Cholapur block of Varanasi, has crossed the age of sixty. Due to illness, he could not even work hard. Maa Sumitra Devi is also less visible. Suraj, the eldest of his four brothers, is neurotic. The third number’s brother Ramdour has done BA, Hotel Management, Apart from ITI, got computer education in the skill training center. He lost his job in the lockdown last year and is still unemployed. The youngest brother Ranjit works in a brick kiln. Overall, the responsibility of the family of six members is on the shoulders of Ravi Kumar these days. Ravi, being blind, manages to weave single and double chairs with designs. Not only this, he also learned the art of making candles, incense sticks, soap, and palm fan while studying from Hanuman Prasad Poddar Andh Vidyalaya in Durgakund till Inter. On the strength of these arts, he did his studies and is also taking care of the family.

Did not get the benefit of any government scheme. Many schemes are run by the government for the blind. Despite this, Ravi Kumar has not got the benefit of any government scheme so far. Ravi Kumar says I don’t want anybody’s mercy. If I get a job according to my ability, I will consider myself lucky.