Darshansinh Jadeja produces a reality show based on cars

Darshansinh Jadeja

Darshansinh Jadeja is possibly India’s leading car enthusiast, whose life has been revolving around cars since the time he remembers. He comes from the state of Gujarat and has breathed cars all his life, and that’s evident by his vast collection of supercars which range from Nissan 350Z convertible to BMW Z4 convertible to many more top brands which are one of the most admired beauties of all that come with a heavy price tag. His love for cars has been so strong that he is now setting a step in the entertainment industry by producing a reality show based on cars. As a businessman owning multiple businesses which run restaurants and are into construction of roads and buildings, being one of the leading govt contractors in the city who have built the city’s major roads, he’s taking an entirely new course by entering the TV industry.Darshansinh Jadeja

We asked what made him choose a relatively new industry of television, to which he answered, “I have always thrived for the best and taken a step ahead of where I find the slightest of potential, and TV industry as being one of the most lucrative business choices was always on my mind since the beginning. I always wanted to showcase my passion towards these four-wheeled beauties for quite some time now, and getting the right opportunity didn’t deter me from entering this new territory as the confidence levels were high, as cars are associated with it,” His amazing car collection is worth a dekko as one can definitely not afford to blink an eye looking at the exquisite beauties that occupy his garage. He says that the vast car collection that occupies a large parking space in his out lawn keeps growing in numbers each year, as he likes to grab the best set of wheels Darshansinh Jadejaas soon as they are launched.Darshansinh Jadeja

“Cars are my passion, and I’m going a step ahead in unleashing my love through my reality show,” says the car enthusiast. It’s amazing to see how a person’s love for cars can go to such extreme levels, a rare quality indeed. “The reality show will hit the screens soon as things are in place and moving in the right direction,” concludes Jadeja.