Darshan and his wife violated the Wildlife Protection Act


The Karnataka Forest Department has charged Kannada actor Darshan and his wife Vijaya Lakshmi with violating the Wildlife Protection Act by keeping endangered bar-headed geese on their farm in Mysuru.

Darshan, strangely, is a wildlife conservation champion and has been appointed to the State Wildlife Board. Nagaraj, the farmhouse manager, has also been arrested. Following Darshan’s declaration in an interview that he has these endangered migrating birds at his home, forest department sleuths conducted raids.

The authorities apprehended four of the unusual birds and released them near Bengaluru’s Hadinaru lake, which is a magnet for migrating birds.

B. Bhaskar, Deputy Conservator of Forests, revealed that his sleuths also discovered a black swan, an ostrich, an emu, and other rare bird species in the property. They’ve requested the documentation pertaining to the actor gaining permission from the authorities to raise these birds at his farmhouse.

Darshan is gearing up for the release of his new film, ‘Kranthi,’ this week. Following his harsh remarks about media outlets, the media has opted not to broadcast news about his upcoming film.