Danish firm zacco buys lakhshya cybersecurity labs for undisclosed sum

Zacco, one of Europe’s biggest licensed innovation firms, has procured Lakhshya Cybersecurity Labs, a Coimbatore-based cybersecurity research and counseling administration organization. The arrangement is a significant advance for Copenhagen-based Zacco in setting up a worldwide Cybersecurity Center in India. In any case, the firm didn’t uncover the budgetary subtleties of the arrangement.

“India is today a global hub for advanced digital technology. Lakhshya is adding unique expertise to our current R&D center in Bengaluru,” said Mats Boström, CEO, Zacco Group. “In the digitalized world, cybercrime and digital threats are unfortunately an increasing challenge for many organizations and individuals. Data, algorithms, and all types of digital technology are today significant intellectual property and strategic assets,” said Bostrom.

In the course of recent years, Lakhshya has constructed involvement with specialty zones of cybersecurity, for example, malware examination, digital break examination, red joining – which surveys digital dangers, and DevSecOps, that incorporates security as an essential angle.

“This mix will have the option to increase the value of Zacco and empower the consolidated element to address customers’ computerized resource security in an all-encompassing way,” said Premchand Kurup, prime supporter at Lakshya Labs, who is likewise the CEO of Paramount Computer Systems.

Zacco India R&D Centre started 15 months ago and now has more than 100 employees. Lakshya would be integrated into Zacco’s cybersecurity division and to enhance its current services. “We will also use Lakhshya research labs to innovate new offerings in the intellectual property space,” said Ravi Sunderrajan, MD, Zacco India R&D.

Lakhshya Labs will add a team of more than 40 professionals with expertise across banking, financial services, aviation, government and automotive with real-time 24/7 monitoring services. “Powered by Zacco, we now look forward to influencing and transforming the cybersecurity strategies and operations of organizations globally,” said Pradeep Menon, who is the current chief officer at Lakhshya Labs and will continue working in the same position post-acquisition.