Cricket Analyst & Entrepreneur Gaurav Gangwal


Gaurav Gangwal, the person who started by investing small in cryptocurrency to being a high-level cricket analyst and company owner.

Gaurav is a self-made entrepreneur through crypto investments and cricket analyzing, having a whopping 1 Million followers on Instagram & 100k+ users on his app, he is making a lot of money through social media as well.

He has mentioned that cricket is not just a sport but a religion in India. Whenever there is any cricket tournament, the fans from every nuke and corner of the country go crazy for the sport. The game of cricket is said to be the most loved sport In today’s time, there have been many sports platforms where people or say sports experts give their opinion about any particular game but other than doing this, he has made and owns his own platform to do so.

Gaurav Gangwal is known well for his predictions and previews on cricket matches, both domestic and international, he has always kept his audience updated about each match, he took a big risk by investing in crypto a few years back but it very well paid off for him to start his own platform and for him to be known as a self-made entrepreneur and one of the best Indian cricket analysts.