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Crazy Fire on Crazy Director?

The image of a lady superstar in the South, Nayanthara is known for what kind of craze. Nayanthara, who is in the midst of a lady-oriented film in the middle of the film with the heroes on one side and the star-heroes on the other, is that crazy director? If you have cheated once in the past, the heroine once again, the heroine has once again commented on the gruesome comments? Who is this director? Who was the star director that bothered Nayanthara so much? No doubts .. !! Isn’t that director Murugadass?


Muruga dass’s latest movie Darbar, released with superstar Rajnikanth, has recently been released and is a super hit. This is the third film in which Nayanthara starred with Rajani. Nayanthara made her entry into Kollywood by posing as the heroine opposite Chandni Mukhi in the new film. He then emerged as a superstar with a series of successes. Nayanatara’s latest film Darbar opposite Rajani says that the role of Nayanatara will be of importance. Nayantara claims that Murugadoss has betrayed her.

When she acted in the movie Ghajani, she said that her role is more important than that of the heroine. Nayanthara, who was firmly fired at Murugadass at the time, said it was okay to act again as Rajni was a film after a long gap. But this time too, Muruga dass betrayed Nayan !!

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