Covid can also be spread into the air, not interacting with the patient: Latest Report

Hundreds of scientists have been asked to update the WHO on the basis of new findings. The World Health Organization currently states that the virus can be transmitted through direct contact with the patient and the goods used by the patient. But the New York Times reports that experts have warned that tiny particles from the patient’s secretions can stay in the air and cause the disease.

Coronavirus Vaccine Made by India
Coronavirus Vaccine Made by India

The official explanation so far is that the disease is caused by secretions emitted when the patient coughs and sneezes. Approving the new argument will require more and more methods of prevention worldwide. 239 scientists from 32 countries will publish an open letter in the scientific journal next week.

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The report quoted scientists as saying that large particles emitted by sneezing and small particles that could travel anywhere in the room had the potential to cause disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) argues that Covid-19 has been studied for the past two months in the air, but there is little evidence to support it.

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