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Covid 19 vaccine; five sites in India ready for third face of trails of oxford vaccine


New Delhi: The world is waiting for the Covid vaccine. The successful trial of the Covid vaccine, developed by Oxford University, was news of relief around the world. But there are still trials to follow. To this end, five centers in the country have been selected for the critical third phase trial of the Oxford-AstraZeneca Kovid vaccine. This was announced by Renu Swaroop, Secretary, Department of Biotechnology. The Secretary commented that this was a necessary step.

The five institutions testing the vaccine are Incline Trust International in Haryana, KEM in Pune, Society for Health Allied Research in Hyderabad, National Institute of Epidemiology in Chennai and Vellore Christian Medical College in Tamil Nadu. The five centers were set up by the National Biopharma Mission and the Grand Challenges India Program, the DBT secretary said.

Each center will have a large database of thousands of volunteers and trained staff. Once the vaccine is ready, Oxford and its partner AstraZeneca have selected the Serum Institute of India, the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer, for its production. The test results for the first two phases of the experiments were published earlier this month. The Serum Institute hopes the vaccine will be available at an affordable price.

On July 20, scientists announced that the Covid 19 vaccine, developed by Oxford University, was safe and would help the body develop a stronger immune response. The announcement came after the first experiments on humans.

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