Covid-19: Schools closed due to lockdown in Sri Lanka

Covid-19 Schools closed due to lockdown in Sri Lanka
Covid-19 Schools closed due to lockdown in Sri Lanka

Schools closed for nearly four months were reopened from Monday due to the lockdown implemented to control the coronavirus epidemic in Sri Lanka. All schools were closed in Sri Lanka in mid-March with the first patient of Kovid-19 appearing. In July, schools were opened for students in select classrooms but were closed a few days later due to new cases of coronavirus. Education Secretary NHM Chitrananda said that all schools have been reopened today and related classes have started on the basis of social distance.Covid-19 Schools, colleges will remain closed till 31 July

He said that schools with less than 200 students would be operational before the lockdown implemented in March due to the epidemic. He will conduct classes as before. They must comply with the social distance of one meter between students.

He said that schools that have more than 200 students will have to decide which class of students will come to school on which day to comply with social distance under the health guidelines. Officials said that the canteen present in the schools would not be allowed to open until the health authorities confirmed that Kovid-19 was in

He said the decision to reopen the schools was taken after Sri Lanka successfully controlled the community level infection of the coronavirus. Officials said that there has not been a single case of community-level infection in Sri Lanka since April 30. Health officials have warned that the threat of the epidemic has not yet been postponed. Significantly, there have been 2,844 cases of infection with the coronavirus in Sri Lanka out of which 2,579 have been cured while 11 people have died.