Corona; Within two weeks, America could have the highest mortality rate: Trump


WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump has said that the death toll in the United States could be the highest in two weeks due to the epidemic of the greatest pandemic of the century.

Trump has said that until April 30, people will have to continue ‘social alienation’ and bring in more regulations to stop the spread of the virus. “By June 1, we will be able to fully control the virus,” he added.

The United States has the largest number of coronary artery disease in the world. In New York alone, 1000 people died. Top health officials in the country have warned that up to 200,000 people could die in the United States following the coronation.

Corona has confirmed 142,178 people in the United States so far. Of these, 2,484 died.

The death toll in Italy has crossed 10,000. On Sunday, 756 people were killed. Meanwhile, the highest number of Sunday coronation deaths was reported in Spain. Within 24 hours, 838 people have died in Spain. The death toll here rose to 6,803.