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Corona Virus Symptoms and Prevention



Coronavirus After Bihar, corona virus is also detected in Uttar Pradesh

Coronavirus- – a group of SARS infection is rapidly spreading across China and different pieces of the world over the most recent couple of days. The infection has left about 3,000 individuals contaminated in China itself. According to a report by Xinhua, the quantity of individuals contaminated by the destructive infection has arrived at 2,835 A sum of 57 individuals have recouped and get back, while the loss of life has contacted 81. According to reports, the destructive infection advances from creatures to people.

Other than the above numbers, an aggregate of 30,453 are right now under therapeutic perception while 583 others were released on Sunday. Furthermore, 17 affirm cases had been accounted for in Hong Kong and Macao uncommon managerial locales and Taiwan, with eight in Hong Kong, five in Macao and four in Taiwan. Abroad, affirmed cases were accounted for in Thailand (7), Japan (3), the Republic of Korea (3), the US (3), Vietnam (2), Singapore (4), Malaysia (3), Nepal (1), France (3) and Australia (4).

Meanwhile in India, 2 Bengaluru residents who visited China are kept under medical supervision. A suspected case of Coronavirus has been reported in Bihar. She has been referred to Patna and will be kept under observation at PMCH.  Four suspected cases of the coronavirus (2019-nCoV) have been reported in Hyderabad. While two of their blood samples tested negative for the virus, the results of the two others are still awaited.


Symptoms include running nose, fever, weakness, cold, sore throat that can last up to 48 hours. For those with a weak immune system, there’s a chance that the virus can lead to lower, and serious respiratory tract illnesses like pneumonia and bronchitis.

Precautionary measures:

Spread mouth while hacking or wheezing

Whenever contaminated, remain at home and stay away from groups or contact with others.

Wash hands much of the time

Individual with suspected side effects should avoid potential risk

Wear a cover

Exceptional consideration regarding kids and old

Counsel a specialist



Frozen yogurt Dosa Is The Latest Fusion Food, And Business Tycoon Anand Mahindra Gives It ‘Full Marks’



Amarnath Chats which is a road nourishment slow down from Bengaluru made another combination nourishment out of the unassuming South Indian dish, consolidating it with frozen yogurt.

From chocolate panipuri to dal makhani fondue, combination nourishments are found in abundance wherever we go. Detest them or love them, you can’t overlook them. The most creative of combination nourishments are found in the most far-fetched of corners. Road nourishment proprietors are happy to explore different avenues regarding a wide range of dishes and blends to draw clients, and hence, eyeballs via web-based networking media. One such dosa-slow down Amarnath Chats from Bengaluru made another combination nourishment out of the modest South Indian dish

While chocolate dosa is as yet ordinary and can be handily discovered, slow down proprietor Manjunath increased his road nourishment game an indent and attempted to imagine another dessert dosa.The dosa is cooked with alternatives of frozen yogurt being slathered on the dosa, or as discrete scoops close by the dish. It is additionally splashed in chocolate sauce before being served to the clients. Agent Anand Mahindra attempted it and shared the video of the extraordinary arrangement on his Twitter handle, giving the slow down proprietor ‘full imprints’ for advancement.


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7 Delicious Foods That Helps To Loss Belly Fat Immediately



Weight loss is the biggest challenge for everyone these days. There is no denying that exercise is the way to get a toned body but it takes much more than just sweating it out in the gym to achieve that. The food we eat makes the major part of our weight loss plan.
1. Eggs

An egg is the easiest food to cook and the most delicious as well. They contain protein and when added with vegetables make for a wholesome meal. Eggs in breakfast in combination with vegetables helps lose weight instantly as it does not sabotage your weight loss efforts.
2. Green Tea

The researchers have found that a combination of green tea extract and exercise reduces the severity of obesity-related fatty liver disease by 75 percent. Green Tea not just curbs hunger but also makes us feel refreshed and energized. It is advised to replace the daily dose of coffee or caffeine in the morning with green tea extract to burn fat.
3. Berries

As they say, the deeper the color, the more antioxidants the berries contain. Berries can be a delicious replacement to sugary food items that harm your body. When it comes to losing belly fat, berries work like a miracle. Raspberries contain Ketones that are similar to the compound, Capsaicin that gives hot peppers their heat. On the other hand, Blueberries help to lower cholesterol, blood fats and improve insulin and blood sugar levels.
4. Kale

Kale is one vegetable that is loaded with benefits. We can eat it raw, cooked or juiced, it helps burn fat in every way. It is loaded with vitamin K, Omega 3 essential fatty acids, fiber, and is a rich source of calcium for healthy bones plus it is low in energy density.
5. Avocados

Avocados are said to be good for heart as well as memory. Plus, they are delicious. Eating a fresh avocado daily, which is a nutrient-rich cholesterol-free fruit with naturally good fats, can help boost the cognitive function like working memory. Also, the superfood can reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol and raise HDL (good) cholesterol.
6. Apple Cider Vinegar

Other than adding flavor to the food, Apple Cider Vinegar works like magic in the weight loss. Add it in water to drink or into your salads, it helps burning fat and reduces hunger. Studies have shown that people ate at least 200-275 less calories during the rest of the day after consuming apple cider vinegar.
7. Yogurt

Yogurt is already a key component in many dishes we consume. Since yogurt is obtained from the fermentation of milk by certain viable and active microorganisms, it is rich in many nutrients to fulfill the needs of your body. It is good for your stomach as it is easier to digest than milk. Full fat yogurt even keeps the stomach feel full for a longer period of time which automatically makes us eat less.

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Film News

Corona; Jackie Chan by offering a huge amount of money for those who find the cure..!



Corona Virus threat first began from vuhan city in china and then spread to many other countries.

There are over 400,000 people from all countries. What is more worrying is that it is currently without medication. Actor Jackie Chan has now pledged Rs 1 crore (1 million yuan) to drug users to eliminate the coronavirus.

Speaking to a national media outlet, he announced he would pay a large sum. He had already brought a large amount of relief to China.

“Anyone or organization can come up with a new idea and thank them for a crore,” Jackie Chan said.

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