Corona Vaccine in India Update: Belgaum’s rapid infection creates fear

Coronavirus outbreak continues to increase worldwide. In India too, this epidemic has caused havoc. Due to Coronavirus, the economy of the country has also slowed down and the number of patients is increasing rapidly. So far more than 10 lakh patients of coronavirus have been found in India. While corona patients were appearing in hundreds in the initial phase, then the number of patients has reached thousands. On Thursday, 32,695 corona positive patients were found in the country, with the number of corona patients in the country has crossed 10 million. At the same time, 25,602 patients have died due to this epidemic. In such a situation, not only India but the whole world are waiting for the Coronavirus Vaccine.

Coronavirus Vaccine Made by India
Coronavirus Vaccine Made by India

Recently, many claims have emerged about the Coronavirus vaccine (Covid19 Vaccine), but people are still waiting for the vaccine. While the coronavirus patients are increasing rapidly in the country, people hope that everything will be fine as soon as the vaccine arrives. Many countries are showing promising results about the vaccine and through this, patients are claiming help in the rapid recovery.

Great success for India! The 'Made in India' corona vaccine will arrive on August 15
Great success for India! The ‘Made in India’ corona vaccine will arrive on August 15

Tell that Oxford University is also working fast in this direction. Oxford University is working with Astra Janeca to prepare the coronavirus vaccine. On the corona vaccine, it is being claimed that work is being done rapidly on behalf of the vaccine of coronavirus by Oxford and Astra Janeca. corona-vaccine

The prospective vaccine from Oxford University and Astra Janeca is currently in its third phase. Meaning, the trial of this vaccine has started on humans. However, the results of phase 1 have not yet been made public. Talking about India, according to the Union Health Ministry, only two states, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, have 48% of the total active CAS in the country.

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