Corona first given to the world, now China has formed a quartet to fight it, high level meeting with these countries

Chinas new tactics

China, which gave Corona pain to the world, has now come out to cure it. In the war against Corona, China has included Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. With the objective of defeating Corona and speeding up the economy, China has held a joint meeting with these countries. China is reported to have hosted a sub-ministerial meeting with Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka on Thursday to control the corona virus. A similar first meeting in this regard was held in July in which representatives from Pakistan, Nepal and Afghanistan attended. The digital meeting was hosted by China’s Deputy Foreign Minister Luo Zhaohui.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Thursday, “China, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka have jointly defeated Covid-19, to protect people’s lives and health and to accelerate economic and social development.” On November 10, a sub-ministerial digital conference was held on Covid-19.

Chinas new tactics

The statement said the five countries held detailed discussions on strengthening the political consensus on jointly fighting Covid-19, enhancing cooperation to curb the corona virus and restoring people’s movement and economic development. This was the second ministerial meeting organized by China on the Corona virus covering the South Asian region. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi had a similar meeting in July with his counterparts from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nepal.

According to the statement, China has said that when the Covid-19 vaccine is developed and available in China, it will be for the whole world. Let us tell you that China is the country where corona cases were first reported. Corona cases came to light in Wuhan city of China and spread from there to the whole world. Although China overcame it by imposing a lockdown of 70 days, it is still wreaking havoc in European countries including India.