Corona; China to develop more robots for care

Coronavirus is spreading across the world every day. These spread and cause concern in people’s minds. But China is looking to develop innovative ideas to overcome these.

They are trying to launch robots for corona patient care. The experiment has already begun at Wuhan Hospital. If the test succeeds, patient care can be achieved without human contact.Taking care of patients with coronary artery disease is a very brave task for every doctor. Patients with shortness of breath may need to have tubes placed in the airway. 

corona viras

Professor Zheng Gangti and his team at the University of Technology decided to use the robotic technology in the hope that this care would endanger the lives of doctors.After weeks of effort, the team completed the construction of the built-in intelligence machine.

corona robotThe robot that identifies the patient through the camera does not need human assistance. The robot is able to self-disinfect as well as physiologically monitor, administer medication, and clean the airway.This robot was born by refining the robotic technology used in space exploration.

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