Citadel Movie Trailer Is Here

‘Citadel’ is a web series that fans are waiting for. Priyanka Chopra is the heroine. The series will be streamed from April 28 on Amazon Prime Video. One episode of The Citadel will air weekly through May 26. The series stars Jonas Nadia Sen, Stanley Tucci as Bernard Orlick, Leslie Manville as Dalia Archer, Roland Muller as Anders Sill and Davik Sill, Ozzie Ikhile as Carter Spence, Ashley Cummings as Abby Conroy, and Caroline Spry as Conroy Heron. Other stars.

The theme of Citadel is the collapse of the independent global spy agency ‘Citadel’ and the agents ‘Mason Kane’ and ‘Nadia Sin’ who escaped with the fall of ‘Citadel’ are building a new life under identities without knowing about their past and they are again on a mission for the safety of the people.