Chundaran Viral Aye short film trending on youtube

Adinadu Gopan ‘s Chundaran Viral Aye  short film for trending on YouTube, the short film which was released four months ago, has gone viral very quickly and the video has been seen by thousands of viewers who make the audience think and laugh. The short film shows beautiful moments between four friends.

The video was released by Gokula on Adinad Gopan’s YouTube channel and stars DOP Shaji Magna, Anil Kumar, Kiran JP, Subhash, Nabish, Gopan, Manoj Lal, Athira, Amrita, Deva Priya and Ponni. Associate cameraman is Ashok Kumar. The film is produced by Bindu Gopan and Gokul Krishna. Written by Adinad Gopan

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