Chiranjeevi Cancer Rumors Unveiled His Ferocious Reaction Sets The Internet On Fire

Chiranjeevi, a megastar in Telugu cinema, is currently working on a film called “Bhola Shankar.” It is a remake of the Tamil film “Vethalam” starring Ajith. Recently, there were rumors circulating online that the 67-year-old megastar was suffering from cancer. However, Chiranjeevi took to Twitter to clarify the situation. In his tweet, written in Telugu, Chiranjeevi explained that he had never been affected by cancer. He stated that he undergoes regular check-ups and during one of these check-ups, non-cancerous polyps were found and removed through a colonoscopy. He emphasized that he had never claimed to have cancer and had only spoken about the importance of regular medical check-ups to prevent the disease.

Chiranjeevi expressed his disappointment with the media for misinterpreting his statement and publishing articles claiming that he had cancer and had undergone treatment. He urged the media to refrain from spreading false information without understanding the subject matter, as it caused unnecessary confusion and anxiety among his well-wishers.In conclusion, Chiranjeevi reassured his fans and supporters that he is in good health and advised everyone to take precautions and undergo regular medical screenings to prevent diseases like cancer.